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Kim Kardashian Reveals Special Gift She Gives Her Kids Every Year


Kim Kardashian Reveals Special Gift She Gives Her Kids Every Year

When money is no object, do you get your family super expensive gifts, or thoughtful presents from the heart? If you’re Kim Kardashian, you can do both. You’ll never believe what she gives her four kids each year on their birthdays!

Kim K is an expert shopper, I mean gift giver! She’s known for going all out on presents for loved ones, so of course her kids are no exception. But the super meaningful gift Kim gives her 4 kids is something that money can’t buy!

We’re not sure the kids see the letters as better than a Birkin, an amusement park, or whatever other extravagant gifts and activities they get on a daily basis… but they will definitely appreciate their mom’s thoughtful letters when they get older. Kim has her hands full with four kids, multiple businesses, and a… somewhat high-maintenance ex! But she still makes time to show her kids she’s there for them, and we love to see it.

Would you rather have a handwritten note written with love or a super expensive present? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe to TheThings Celebrity for more on the Kardashians and your other favorite stars.


0:00 Intro
0:18 Money Ain’t Everything
0:50 From the Heart
1:42 Keeping Up With Traditions
2:27 Better Than Birkin?
3:27 Learned From Kris
4:07 The Best Chaos
4:54 Parenting Lessons
5:23 Bye Kanye
6:14 Protecting the Kids
6:41 Turning 10
7:24 Outro

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