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Beyonce & Other Celebrities Who Brought Their Kids On Stage With Them


Beyonce & Other Celebrities Who Brought Their Kids On Stage With Them

When your mom or dad is a celebrity, “Take Your Kid to Work Day” takes on a whole new meaning! Just look at Blue Ivy, who gets to perform with mom Beyonce in front of thousands of fans all across the world.

Blue Ivy is making headlines for her surprise appearances on Bey’s “Renaissance” world tour. Looks like Blue got her mom’s love of dancing! The apple also doesn’t fall far from the tree for Emme, whose mom is Jennifer Lopez. She duetted with her mom on multiple occasions. Mariah Carey, Pink, and Carey Underwood have all performed special Christmas duets with their kids, and both Madonna and Gwen Stefani have brought their children onstage to wish them a Happy Birthday. Luke Bryan’s toddler Bo brought the cute during a concert in Georgia, and Chris Martin’s kids performed with him during a fundraiser. Before she was Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus got her start duetting with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Alicia Keys’ son, Egypt, made his musical debut during an awards show, and accompanied his mom on the piano. Other parent-kid onstage collabs include Billy Joel and daughter Alexa, Jewel and son Kase, Will Smith and Jaden Smith, and Diana Ross and actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

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00:00 Intro
00:11 Beyonce and Blue Ivy
00:56 Jennifer Lopez and Emme
01:42 Mariah Carey and Monroe
02:16 Pink and Willow
02:52 Carrie Underwood and Isaiah
03:26 Gwen Stefani and her Sons
03:53 Luke Bryan & Bo
04:24 Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus
04:56 Chris Martin and Apple & Moses
05:29 Alicia Keys and Egypt
05:57 Madonna and Mercy
06:14 Diana Ross & Tracee Ellis Ross
06:42 Will Smith and Jaden Smith
07:05 Billy Joel and Alexa
07:25 Jewel and Kase
07:42 Outro

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