Why You Should Stop Using Other People’s iPhone Cables | Straight Talking Cyber | Forbes

Why You Should Stop Using Other People’s iPhone Cables | Straight Talking Cyber | Forbes

“The world’s most dangerous USB cable, just got more powerful,” runs the new ad—a serious warning for anyone borrowing an iPhone or iPad cable. If you do plug a cable like this into your device, you won’t know you’ve been attacked until it’s too late.

According to pentest site Hak5, “you used to need a million dollar budget to get a cable like this.” Now you just need $139.99 and a PayPal account. Meet the O.MG Lightning cable, a perfect enough replica of the Apple original that you wouldn’t know the difference. But this one is way more high-tech than the original.

Read more on Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2021/05/29/apple-iphone-and-ipad-users-warned-not-to-borrow-other-peoples-cables/

Straight Talking Cyber goes behind the cyber headlines, from the smartphone in your pocket to securing devices at home and at work. We cover it all — from nation-state cyber warfare to script kiddie attacks — telling you what you need to know to stay ahead in a digital era.

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