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Why Emma Watson Wanted To Quit Acting For Good


Why Emma Watson Wanted To Quit Acting For Good

Emma Watson shot to superstardom as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise. Getting famous so young comes with a ton of pressure, and after a traumatizing moment on the red carpet, she almost quit acting for good. Luckily, she didn’t, and, ultimately, Emma found a way to make being a movie star work for her!

When she was younger, Emma faced an identity crisis when she looked at herself in the mirror on the red carpet. She struggled with fame, and felt guilty for not appreciating it more. When she was 19, she enrolled at Brown University, and seriously considered quitting acting for good. She decided to stay in showbiz, but she still had a lot of big decisions to make. She became frustrated when she had to stand behind movies she had no creative control over. This led to her becoming more picky when choosing projects. She focused on other pursuits, like reading, activism, and feminism. Right now, Emma is taking a break from acting, but we hope we see her back on the big screen someday!

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Identity Crisis On The Red Carpet
0:50 Felt Guilty About Success
1:07 Almost Left Harry Potter
1:33 Focusing On Her Education
2:04 Lack of Creative Control
2:30 Waiting For the Right Project
2:52 She Picked Up Hobbies
3:18 Lack Of Privacy
3:33 Compared to her other Harry Potter stars…
3:49 The Future Of her Career

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