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Who is Tom Cruise?


Who is Tom Cruise?

What can be said about the most famous actor to have ever lived? Well, quite a lot if you happen to be Tom Cruise. This video gets into all the nitty gritty as to who Tom Cruise really is. And it turns out, he’s a whole lot of star power.

Learn about Cruise’s humble beginnings and what vocation he truly wanted to be. Come along on the journey of his cinematic success from 1986 to 1999, the man’s success could not be slowed. Seriously, he showed himself the money… a lot.

But for Cruise, it certainly was not all award nominations and breaking box office records. Controversy has followed Cruise for as long as he’s been in the public eye. But in the public’s defense, it doesn’t exactly help when he joins the world’s most notorious religion (at least according to the United States law books, it is) Scientology. Yes, the most famous Scientologist also happens to be the most powerful one, and this plus celebrity is a corrosive combo. But even bad press cannot stop the beaming light that is Tom Cruise.

And while the nineties may have seemed to be his heyday, Cruise is more successful than ever. Seriously. With Top Gun: Maverick bringing back cinema, Tom’s Day in the Sun is surely here to stay.
So sit back and relax while you discover who Tom Cruise really is… turns out a heck of a lot.
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Chapters :
00:00 Intro Hook
00:13 Early Life
00:52 A Calling
01:04 Career of a Lifetime
01:41 Scientology
02:07 Love Life
02:40 Controversy Follows
03:13 Lifetime achievements
03:37 He Does His Own Stunts
03:58 Soaring Success
04:17 What’s To Come
04:46 Outro

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Written by:Alessandra Vite
Narrated by: Emily Masurkevitch
Edited by: Steven Sune

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