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What real sport can learn from SRL


What real sport can learn from SRL

Betting on sports has long been enjoyed. Whether you’re a fan of football, cricket, tennis, or practically any other sport, having a flutter on the outcome just adds to the excitement. The problem that fans face is when a season comes to an end, or when other factors see games postponed. This leaves them with nowhere to go and nothing to bet on. Or at least, it used to.

With the advent of Simulated Reality League (SRL), there is now never a time when fans can’t place their bets on their favourite teams. Not sure what SRL is? Well, read on because we’re going to let you know all about it and then take a look at what real sports could take away from this.

So, what is SRL?

SRL sees sporting events being simulated by a computer. It can take the likes of cricket, for instance, and show a whole match that has been generated by artificial intelligence. This match can be bet on by fans of the sport. Just like with real sports, bets can be placed before the match starts or in-play.

As the games are simulations, they can take place all year round and at all times of day and night. Fans never need to be disappointed again about a season coming to an end or about missing a match because of work or other commitments. No matter what, the opportunity is still there to wager on their favourite sport.

How does SRL work?

If the sound of a simulated match doesn’t sound too exciting, that’s because we haven’t got to the best part yet. The thing is, the software used for SRL is highly intelligent. Data is fed into it that covers years’ worth of performances. It learns every move a player has made and every outcome of every game.

This information is used to generate the game. The outcome is based on real-life scenarios that artificial intelligence has learnt about.

Takeaways for real sports

So, just what can real sports learn from SRL? Are there any takeaways that are worthy of consideration? We think so, and here’s a look at just three of them:

  1. Fans can behave!

How often do we see news reports of rowdy fans? Fans that are either fighting or damaging property? The thing is, this doesn’t happen with SRL. Emotions are still high as money is at stake, but fans demonstrate that they’re more than capable of behaving correctly.

2)   Fans tire of the British weather and its disruptions

When matches are rained off or cancelled due to frozen pitches, fans get frustrated. Thankfully, they can now turn to SRL so that they can still enjoy a wager, but the message here is that teams need to be working hard to adequately protect their grounds and stadiums.

3)   Fans would love a longer season

Perhaps not practical as, of course, players need their rest. However, fans would be grateful for seasons that went on that bit longer. The popularity of SRL has certainly shown this to be the case.

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