TOP 10 AMERICAN SLUMS – Exploring ghettos in the USA through Google Street View

A few weeks ago I made a video about the decline of downtown Los Angeles. I discussed the fact that thousands upon thousands of people are living in tents on the streets. I called downtown Los Angeles a ghetto and a slum, and it generated a huge debate in my comment section. My critics felt pretty offended; how dare I call downtown Los Angeles a slum? And they told me I was cherry picking, because downtown Los Angeles did not represent America as a whole.

Well, I think the United States of America is full of ghettos and slums. And I am going to show you that in this video. Because if you tell me I am cherry picking by only showing Los Angeles, in that case I will present you a top 10 of American slums. Make sure to stick around until the end of the video, because the number 10 is pretty astounding.

Now, before I give you my top 10 of American slums, it think it is also important to elaborate on the question how it is possible that in America, more and more slums and ghettos are popping up in major cities.

This is not the fault of the American people. It is caused by a generation of incompetent politicians, greedy land-owners and money grabbing corporate managers who steal from the American people and force them into poverty.

Unfortunately, In America, big property developers make housing almost unaffordable for Americans who have a low income. And the big international companies pay their employees wages that are hardly enough to pay for their rent. At the same time these companies outsource production to foreign countries, exporting jobs away from the USA in the process. It destroys the American economy and ruins the financial situation of American households. American politicians have allowed and encouraged this for many years.

It leads to an extreme divide, between an exuberantly rich upper class, and a huge layer of millions of poor Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. And that is what is causing thousands of people living on the streets and thousands of buildings being abandoned and falling into decline.

The idea that America is the pinnacle of Western freedom that provides equality and opportunity for all is at its best a naive fantasy. It is time the USA starts focussing a bit more on the freedoms and rights of its people, instead of the freedoms and rights of its politicians, big land-owners, property developers and corporate CEO’s.

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