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Titanic Explorer Bob Ballard Recalls Finding Wreck (Flashback)


Titanic Explorer Bob Ballard Recalls Finding Wreck (Flashback)

Titanic expert Bob Ballard, who was the first explorer to discover the wreckage in 1985, opens up to ET about his initial reaction to finding the infamous ocean liner. He recounts seeing the grand staircase and other haunting locations at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, over 70 years after the Titanic sunk in April 1912. The groundbreaking expedition uncovered the wreck via unmanned camera vessels that traversed the ocean floor, followed by Ballard and his team traveling two and a half miles below the surface in a submersible. Following the Titan catastrophe, he said there’s a lot to learn from the tragedy. ‘I don’t think people can appreciate the amazing energy involved in the destructive process of an implosion,’ Ballard told ABC News. ‘It just takes out and literally shreds everything.’

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