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The Truth About Scott Disick Turning Down A Bribe To Stay Away From His Kids


The Truth About Scott Disick Turning Down A Bribe To Stay Away From His Kids

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian haven’t been together since 2016. But it wasn’t until Kourtney fell in love with Travis Barker in 2020 that these exes and co-parents stopped spending so much time together. Now, a former bodyguard claims the Kardashians allegedly offered Scott millions of dollars to stop visiting his three kids.

The bodyguard claims that Scott told him he was offered a small fortune to give up his rights as a dad. But Scott obviously refused. Even if the bribe story isn’t true, Scott is struggling to come to terms with Kourtney starting a new life with Travis. He feels left out, especially now that Kourtney is pregnant.

Do you believe that the Kardashians would offer Scott millions to stay away from his kids? Can Kourtney and Scott continue to peacefully co-parent? We’ll have to see what happens…


00:00 Intro
00:20 The Alleged Bribe
01:30 Kourtney & Scott’s Strained Relationship
01:31 How Scott Reacted To Kourtney & Travis’ Wedding
02:07 His Bond With His Kids
02:42 The Karjenners Were His Family
03:05 Scared About Kourtney’s Pregnancy
03:37 Scott Didn’t Think Kourtney & Travis Would Last
03:56 Being Forced To Face Reality

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Written by: Emily R
Narrated by: @blakelylindsey
Edited by: Steven S

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