The Photos Taken as the Taliban Took Hold of Afghanistan | Developing News

The Photos Taken as the Taliban Took Hold of Afghanistan | Developing News

“Afghanistan was a great place to photograph until the Taliban came into power.”

In the midst of a complex civil war, Chris Steele-Perkins made four trips to Afghanistan during the 1990s.

From scenes on the front line and life in small towns to Kok-Boru the horseback sport that sees players using a sheep torso as a ball, he captured images portraying the cycles of everyday life.

We talk to him about his experiences in Afghanistan at a time when the Taliban were just taking hold.

From pictures captured during armed conflict to anti-fascist
protests to global pandemics to the start of a revolution, when you are on the front line, picking up a camera can often result in an image that immortalises a moment in time.

In this series, we interview photographers whose photos have
become synonymous with important world events. They relive the story behind the images, regaling us with their tales from the front line. We hear how they documented the truth, sometimes even risking their lives, to provide proof of events that stay long after the memories fade.

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