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‘The Flash’ Ending & Post-Credits Explained: What Does It Mean For The DCU?

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‘The Flash’ Ending & Post-Credits Explained: What Does It Mean For The DCU?

Holy SPOILER ALERT, Batman! This video contains massive spoilers for DC’s "The Flash" starring Ezra Miller (The Flash), Michael Keaton (Batman), Ben Affleck (Batman) and Sasha Calle (Supergirl).

James Gunn teased that Andy Muschietti’s "The Flash" will "reset" the DC timelines, and fans were certainly hoping the film would provide answers about some of their favorite characters’ fates in the upcoming DCU. But if you’re like us you probably left with even more questions than answers. In this video, CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell and Hannah Saulic break down what happens in "The Flash" ending and post-credits scene, and discuss the implications they have for the larger DCU.

00:00 – Intro
00:59 – Sean Breaks Down What Happens At The End of ‘The Flash’
02:25 – Thoughts on the Ending & What George Clooney’s Batman Implies Moving Forward
06:50 – Sean Breaks Down What Happens In ‘The Flash’ Post-Credits Scene
07:29 – What Does The End Credits Mean For Aquaman 2 and The Future of the DCU?
11:17 – Hannah Doubles Down On Her Prediction Of How This All Shakes Out In The DCU
11:52 – Tell us what you think! (And we want brave and the bold thoughts!)
12:30 – Sean LIES to Hannah (jk…kinda)

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