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The Flash Ending Explained: Is [SPOILER] The New Batman?

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The Flash Ending Explained: Is [SPOILER] The New Batman?

We’ve waited literal years for it to come out, but the Flash is finally in theaters. The movie that many people theorized was the key to the rest of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, DCEU, DCU, whatever you wanna call it, definitely left things in an interesting place. It even gave us a surprise cameo by a former Batman actor, which has people wondering what is next for the Dark Knight…

Spoiler alert: the actor isn’t returning. At least as far as we know based upon what James Gunn has said in interviews and such. But that doesn’t mean that it is just a point less twist at the end put there purely for shock value! Neither is the post-credits scene with Aquaman. Those two things might have a lot to do with what is happening in the future. And it all comes down to the multiverse and all those cameos…



0:00 – Intro
0:19 – What Happened?
2:22 – The New Batman?
3:44 – Post-Credits Scene

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