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Succession Season 4: 10 Things You Missed

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Succession Season 4: 10 Things You Missed

So we reached the end of a 4 season journey that made us laugh, cry, and clench our fists in equal measure – but it left us with so much to digest. Let’s talk about 10 things you might have missed from season 4 of Succession.



0:00 Intro
0.35 “You’re Not a Killer”
1:45 Waystar’s Bittersweet End Was Foreshadowed in the Title Sequence
3:03 The Heartbreaking Relationship of Tom and Shiv
4:47 Something’s Wrong With Shiv and Tom in This Poster…
5:31 Logan’s Death Was Basically Spoon Fed to Us Before it Happened
7:16 Their Clothing Hinted At Where They’d End Up
9:37 Lawrence Yee Never Left
10:57 Logan’s Past Love Affairs Subtly Revealed at His Funeral
12:24 Shiv’s Eulogy Speech Needs Some Unpacking
13:23 Drowning in More Water Symbolism

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Written by: Kasey Fox
Narrated by: Max Lichtig
Edited by: B

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