Small business Stories: The Nigerian Woman who started a Fragrance Company From Home!

Small Business Stories: The Nigerian woman who started a company from Nothing is another subset of my promoting African Entrepreneur series where I feature black owned companies all across Africa who have built successful businesses and they tell us how they did it.

Over the past couple months I have shared stories of different African entrepreneurs who have been able to build big successful businesses despite the numerous challenges on our continent.

I believe small business are also as important to our economy which is why over the next 3 weeks I will be featuring 6 small businesses on this new series on my channel called “Small Business Stories”.

Today’s episode is Bukky who is a Nigerian entrepreneur who currently on a journey to taking a large market share in the fragrance and lifestyle industry. She tells us about how she was able to build her business in Abuja Nigeria while taking us through some of the challenges she has faced on her entrepreneurial journey.

She also shows us how she has been able to leverage the internet to grow her business.

I hope you guys will enjoy this one because I’m pretty excited to share these stories with you. Do Watch like and Enjoy.

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