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Signs Zendaya And Tom Holland Are Secretly Engaged


Signs Zendaya And Tom Holland Are Secretly Engaged

Tom Holland and Zendaya, affectionately known as TomDaya have been incredibly private about the ins and outs of their relationship since day 1, and we’re talking about 2016, day one, not when they were caught kissing in the car in 2021. Since then, they’ve been letting us in with little glimpses of what life is like when you’re dating your best friend, but recently those little glimpses have sparked something. Yes, we’re talking about all the rumors that these two have tied the knot or are, at the very least, engaged and planning to tie the knot. This isn’t just some speculations from fans; you could say they fueled the flames while simultaneously denying it. For example, the giant rock Zendaya has been sporting looks very engagement ring-like. Or the fact that recent photos of them together haven’t given a clear view of Tom or Zendaya’s ring fingers.
Things are clearly getting serious with this couple, and the fact that Tom has talked about settling down and being excited to have kids, it’s not hard to understand why a lot of fans are asking, “Are these two engaged?”
We’re here to get to the bottom of these engagement rumors and figure out what’s going on with TomDaya, and if a wedding is on the horizon.
We also want to hear what you think about all these engagement rumors, so leave a comment below with what you make of all this.
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00:00 Intro
00:10 Diamond Ring
00:53 The Initials
01:37 The Hidden Hand
02:16 Keeping Things Private
02:56 Plans for the Future
03:29 Mama Knows Best
04:10 In London Town
04:46 Roommates?
05:21 Domesticated Couple
06:00 Parent-Approved
06:41 Hanging with the Family
07:16 Wedding Dates
07:52 Outro
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