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Secret Invasion: How The Blip SHOOK Nick Fury

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Secret Invasion: How The Blip SHOOK Nick Fury

Nick Fury has always been the stalwart rock of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unwavering in his ability to face down pretty much any situation, always having a plan, a backup plan, and a backup for the backup plan. He’s a man who always seemed to have his finger on the button.

And yet, when Thanos came and snapped his fingers, things changed drastically. Nick Fury couldn’t have possibly seen the Blip coming. It left him at the mercy of others, and when he came back, it was to a completely different world than the one he left. The world that is now threatened by a group of Skrulls, which he alone is uniquely qualified to take down.

But how ready is he? How much did the blip change him? Well, actor Samual L. Jackson, is here to answer that exact question…


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Jackson’s Quote
1:49 – What Could This Mean?

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Written by: Caitlin Tyrrell, John Aljets @BenderWaffles
Narrated by: John Aljets @BenderWaffles
Edited by: John Aljets @BenderWaffles

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