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“Same people trolling me will insult me when I get to 40 with no kids or love” Uriel continues to defend her relationship


“Same people trolling me will insult me when I get to 40 with no kids or love” Uriel continues to defend her relationship

In a very recent Instagram post, Uriel Oputa, famous media personality and Big Brother alumni once again defended her relationship with Groovy.

She addressed the online trolls who have been bashing her over this unconventional love story. She made a powerful statement, pointing out that those who criticize her now will likely insult her when she turns 40 or 45 and doesn’t fit their idea of a conventional life with children or a partner. Uriel took a bold stance, raising a significant question: does age truly determine happiness in a relationship?

“Same people trolling me

Will insult me

When I turn 40,45 no kids no love.

I will say this

And open the ground to this conversation

Does age really matter in the mist of Happiness.

Good night.”

The reason for this defense came when a devoted fan reached out to Uriel through a heartfelt voice message, offering support and encouragement despite the relentless online criticism Uriel has endured for her choice to be with a much younger man, Groovy. This particular revelation had come just a day after Kemi Filani disclosed that Uriel and Groovy were seen sharing a kiss, a revelation that took many by surprise, primarily because Uriel is nearly a decade older than Groovy. However, Uriel’s attraction to younger men is not a new development, as she had shown interest in Neo, another contestant, while they were both in the Big Brother Nigeria house.

Being of Nigerian-British heritage, Uriel made it clear that she would never reject love based on her age. She even cited the example of Stan and Blessing, a famous celebrity couple who also have a significant age difference, with Blessing being almost a decade older than Stan.

Uriel firmly declared that her happiness is non-negotiable. She shared that Groovy appreciates her cooking, makes her feel protected, and loves her heart and sense of humor. In her eyes, there’s no reason to deny a loving connection when it presents itself. She reiterated that falling for a single person, regardless of age, is not a crime.

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