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Royals Surprising Skills And Talents


Royals Surprising Skills And Talents

The Royal Family is mainly known for their work in public relations, but did you know that they are super talented too? Let’s get into all the Royal family’s special skills.

King Charles’ special skill is Painting. He first showcased his works in 1997 at a world exhibition in Windsor Castle. Since 1997 he’s managed to sell 2 million euros and counting the worth of his art. Unlike King Charles, Queen Camilla’s special skill is a little less “traditional.” she has showcased her abilities in ping pong. Her commitment to it has often left people wondering how often she actually plays because she’s quite the player! Much like his stepmother Prince William also has quite a unique special skill. In 2020, William surprised subjects by juggling three balls.

Princess Kate may arguably be even more talented than her husband Prince Willliam. Kate is known as the photographer of the family. She’s also known for taking beautiful, intimate photos of her family. Like her Granddaughter Princess Kate, the Queen shared a strong love of photography. The Queen became very fond of taking photos of her family and really seemed to have a knack for capturing moments in which her family seemed truly relaxed.

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Chapters :
00:00 Intro
00:17 Prince William
00:56 Princess Kate
01:46 Prince Harry
02:31 Meghan Markle
03:19 King Charles
03:56 Queen Cnsort Camilla
04:24 Princess Eugenie
04:59 Princess Beatrice
05:21 Prince George
06:05 Princess Charlotte
06:42 Prince Philip
07:08 Queen Elizabeth
07:50 Outro

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