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Phil Collins’ Health Issues Have Enabled His Son To Take Over As Drummer


Phil Collins’ Health Issues Have Enabled His Son To Take Over As Drummer

Phil Collins has a lot going on, and it’s not just because he is father to Lilly Collins, infamous for her role as Emily in the hit Netflix series, “Emily in Paris,” but because his health has been on the decline since 2009 with no explanation other than an injured vertebrae. That injured vertebrae led to multiple operations over the course of his recovery, which only led to other nerve and limb damage, leaving him wheelchair-bound.

The famous drummer may no longer be serenading us with his vocals and drumming skills as he did in his hit debut solo single “In The Air Tonight,” but his son, Nicholas “Nic” Collins, has stepped in to take over for his father in his time of need… for a drummer. Then, at just 17 years old, Nic shared the stage with his father for the first time as his drummer.

Nic took the gig as drummer in 2021 during Phil’s final tour with his band Genesis, whom he had been touring with since he was 19. Now that Phil has officially retired, possibly for the last time due to his immobility and inability to play any instruments, Nic is forging his own path as a musician. Nic’s not the only member of his family to do so, as he has multiple musically-inclined siblings.

Here’s how the second youngest of the Collins family won over his father’s bandmates and got to spend his father’s farewell tour on stage with him, jamming out together on stage.


00:00 Intro
00:13 Injured Vertebrae
00:43 Consequences of the operation
01:11 Unable to play
01:39 Immobile but in good spirits
02:02 First performance at 17
02:25 Good enough to play
02:56 Main vocals
03:25 Family of musicians
03:47 Booked and busy
04:09 Inspired by family
04:41 Outro

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