Nollywood Actress Reveals How She Lost Her Life Savings To A ‘Pastor’

Nollywood actress, Lilian Gabriel has revealed how a pastor robbed her of her life savings in Asaba, Delta.

Lilian said that the prophet had approached with an inquiry about a place he was going to. After she attended to him and was about to leave the man stopped her and told her he had a vision for her.

He offered to pray on her ATM card and asked her to wrap it in a paper and give it to him, she obliged.

After the prayers, he returned the card to her and told her not to bring it out of her purse so no one would collect it from her.

She later started getting alerts and realized the man did not return her debit card to her.

Watch the video below :

Below are some of the reactions to the video.

mirabelleloveth: Child actress then, May God replenish your pocket and provide all you lost a double fold

sauceprince1: Not everyone calling GOD knows GOD. So sorry about that sis.
greater_2morrow: This is painful imagine after hearing her story the man still have the hrt to defraud her God will punish that man
iffynelson: This babe is all grown o

Typical hypnosis….The moment you answer Two questions and engage in the conversation… You give them all details they need subconsciously and they could make you remember a different narrative. Poor lady..I pity her sha.

obinna_victor10: The big money u didn’t work for will enter ur account lolxxx Nigeria with their imaginary Miracle
shoebossbackup: As much as I feel so sorry for you I don’t know how I’ll stand on the road and have all this conversation with someone tho the expensive joke of bringing out my atm . Like That’s the height of it
amanda2222595: It can only happen 2 greedy people pple abeg,how can somebody tell u 2 wrap ur atm,that miracle money is coming and u believe him🙄🙄

Women wit vision 😂😂😂 

deep_from_the_inside: God will hear your cry 🙏
chu.ndee: Gullibility is a national crisis.

This article was originally published on Naija News

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