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Nintendo & Other Companies that Completely Pivoted Their Business


Nintendo & Other Companies that Completely Pivoted Their Business

Did you know that Nintendo sold playing cards for much longer than they have ever made video games? Or that the company was founded over 100 years ago? Change is inevitable, in business and in everyday life. So to be a successful corporation, you must adapt to survive. These companies we’ve listed have become masters of reinvention

LG, the electronics giant started as a chemical company. Wrigley’s Chewing gum was once a father-and-son small soap selling operation. And Samsung? You know, the phone you have a fair chance of using to read this, used to export fish!

Check out this video on how some of the most popular companies in the world have reinvented themselves.


Written by: Cory Robinson
Edited by: Joe Morfin

0:34 Nintendo
2:50 Hasbro
4:12 Samsung
5:23 Amazon
6:53 Fortune Brands
7:48 Wrigley
9:33 LG
10:38 Virgin

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