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‘My husband lets me bonk other men while he’s home with kids – it’s not a big deal’


‘My husband lets me bonk other men while he’s home with kids – it’s not a big deal’

Alex and Mitch shared their relationship online

A married couple opened up about their “unconventional relationship” in a YouTube series online.

Alex and Mitch, who appeared on Love Don’t Judge, faced cruel remarks after sharing their unique set-up. The couple, from Southampton, explained how Alex often sleeps with other men – with her husband’s blessings.

Their honestly has caused quite the stir online with people branding their relationship as “f***ing weird”. While Alex dates other men freely, Mitch isn’t allowed the same rules as his wife.

However the husband is more than happy to help his spouse with her online dating profile. The pair first met when they were just 14 and have been an item for over 10 years.

She’s allowed to sleep with other men as her husband approves

Alex said: “As a couple, we are judged as we don’t do the traditional thing – I date other people and Mitch is the one that’s at home with the kids, which to some people is really bizarre because it’s usually the woman.”

The wife, who also has an OnlyFans account, faced a “wave of judgement” after her confession but the couple insist it’s “not a big deal” that Alex dates other lads.

But Mitch has his boundaries as he confessed: “I never want to meet the dates – I just think that would be a bit weird to be honest.”

Sharing her type, Alex admitted: “I love geeky men that are good at maths. I don’t know why, it’s just my thing and just like clever people.”

She then revealed sometimes she feels “guilty” for dating other men while Mitch is at home, but she often texts him during the outings.

The pair are content with their set-up

For Alex, being on dating website is just “a bit of fun” as she has no intentions of “catching feelings”. She added: “I don’t believe it’s human nature to just have one partner for the whole of your life.

“I do have a sugar daddy. He has bought me designer bags, he has paid for holidays. Whenever I want a takeaway, he pays for it.

“So when I’m out, I’ll text my sugar daddy and he will pay for the dates as well because he likes to pay for dates.”

Because of their unique situation, the pair receive “so much judgement every day on social media”, to which strangers say: “Men these days are a disgrace”.

But the pair think the trolls are “tragic” and Alex even said: “I’d rather be someone who does something controversial than someone who just writes hate all day.”

Mitch shared: “It’s really annoying to see her get the level of abuse she gets online. Why are people’s preferences a thing for society to debate? Enough!

“I think just try and open your mind a little bit and realise not everyone is the same and that different people want to live their life differently and what makes one person happy or one couple happy isn’t going to make everyone happy.”

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