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Microsoft’s Quest for AI Dominance


Microsoft’s Quest for AI Dominance

Microsoft may have started out from humble beginnings, with two childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen working together, but since then, it’s gone on to become one of the most profitable tech companies in American history and make its creators rich beyond their wildest imaginings! This video essay will break down the history of Microsoft, including the lawsuit that nearly upended Silicon Valley completely! Microsoft has been a major competitor of Google, Apple, and Amazon, and their recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard may just change the way that video games are bought and enjoyed forever! Whether or not this move will be a good thing for gamers has been up for debate, but in either case we are sure to see plenty of new options show up in the XBox Games Store real soon! Many have speculated on whether or not we will see Call of Duty leaving PlayStation as a result of this move, although that does not appear to be the case at this point in time, though that’s always hard to say for sure, especially when you consider the way that they advertised Internet Explorer back in the day! Microsoft is also responsible for Windows and Bing, and they have gone on to acquire LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and Skype. These endeavors have gone on to make the company plenty of money, and yet their profits appear to be in a decline these days – in fact, even as the company is looking into exploring Artificial Intelligence, they are also suffering from some pretty major layoffs!


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00:00 Intro
00:26 Activision
01:22 Early Days
03:47 Lawsuits
06:22 After Bill Gates
08:49 Teams
10:35 Outro

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