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Liam Hemsworth Had No Idea Miley Cyrus Was Famous


Liam Hemsworth Had No Idea Miley Cyrus Was Famous

Did you know that when Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus met on the set of The Last Song he had no idea she was famous? According to Liam, because he grew up in Melbourne Australia he wasn’t aware of Miley’s stardom on her hit Disney channel show Hannah Montana. Not only that but Liam almost missed out on the part that gave him his ten-year relationship with Miley. And though the two may not be together anymore, they definitely will always have a love for each other.


Chapters :
How they met
Liam almost didn’t get the part
Liam was oblivious
Onscreen turns offscreen
Relationship timeline

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Written by: Emily M
Narrated by: Emily M

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