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KRAVEN THE HUNTER Official Trailer | Breakdown, R-Rating, Rhino And Spider-Man Easter Eggs

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KRAVEN THE HUNTER Official Trailer | Breakdown, R-Rating, Rhino And Spider-Man Easter Eggs

KRAVEN THE HUNTER Official Trailer | Breakdown, R-Rating, Rhino And Spider-Man Easter Eggs. We breakdown and explain the new Sony Spider-man Kraven The Hunter trailer and talk about all the characters, rhino and give our theories on what’s happening in it.

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Ok so the first trailer for Kraven The Hunter has just hit the web and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down the easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed in it.

Your friendly neighbourhood spoiler-man is back and in this I wanna talk about what we know about the film along with what’s been shown in the teaser. There’s also lots of comic book things to discuss too and incase you’re unaware of Kraven then this is the video you’ve been Kraving. Sony are making a lot of noise with him at the moment and we also know that he’s due to appear in the upcoming Spider-man 2 game.

That seems to be based loosely on the Ultimate Comics run which had him travelling to New York to tackle the web head whereas this is gonna be more of an origin story. In the comics he was a big enemy to Peter and he was also known as Petas worst enemy. Ey.

However things have been changed up for this with the film adaptation being described as an animal lover.

He also has his own meta human abilities now with a lion attack leading to him being able to doctor doolittle things and communicate with Animals. This is an extra layer that hasn’t been in the comics before with him employing wolves and so on. This is because he refused to shoot a lion under the direction from his father and this then lept out and attacked him.

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