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Kim Kardashian’s Perfect Man


Kim Kardashian’s Perfect Man

From Kris Humphries to Kanye West, one would never describe Kim Kardashian’s dating history as smooth sailing. Honestly, if her only ex was Kanye, she’d still be in the Hall of Fame for troublesome exes.
But Kim K has made a solid declaration that she now knows exactly what she wants in a man and it’s, how you say, specific. This video gets into all the juice of what this girl wants, what she really needs… Christina Aguilera anyone?

From some needs being obvious A.K.A someone who goes to the gym (obvi Kim wants a gym rat, judging by her two-a-day workouts), to the more ambiguous. Yes, Kim seems to be looking for someone with great hair… but also will rub a bald head. With criteria like this, we’re starting to see why she’s living single these days.

But we wish Kim well on this journey of wanting a guy with good teeth who also smells good even after he sweats. Some may say this is impossible, but remember who you are talking about. Nothing is impossible for the Kardashians. Seriously, their plastic surgery alone defies what’s possible in this life.
So settle in and enjoy what Kim Kardashian is searching for in a perfect man.

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00:00 Intro Hook
00:15 Safety first
01:11 B O Free
01:57 Parental Issues
02:38 Patience
03:23 Teeth
04:11 Spontenaiety
04:48 No Heavy Bags
05:15 Great Hair… Or Bald
05:36 Gym Rat
06:14 Facials
06:37 Help
07:11 Single and Okay
07:46 Outro
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Edited by: Fabian T.

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