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Justice League Outsiders: 15 Powerful Heroes RANKED

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Justice League Outsiders: 15 Powerful Heroes RANKED

There are a lot of superhero teams across both Marvel and DC Comics, but when it comes down to it, you really want to be in the premiere leagues. For DC Comics that’s the Justice League with its perennial roster of heavy hitters including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and The Flash among others. A lot of other members of the DC hero world have come and gone, but there are some folks who haven’t made it to DC Comics superband of super heroes. Which omissions are the most glaring? Well…



0:00 – Intro
0:24 Red Hood
0:59 Rip Hunter
1:34 Negative Man
1:56 Dove
2:18 Crazy Jane
2:36 Bat Mite
2:59 Kid Eternity
3:16 Mary Marvel
3:44 Static
4:03 Johnny Thunder
4:36 Impulse
4:58 Apollo
5:24 Daniel Hill
5:57 Jo Mullein
6:18 Superboy

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Written by: justin epps , Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by:Grant Kellett
Edited by: Umair G

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