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John Wick 5: Decoding the Unwritten Chapter

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John Wick 5: Decoding the Unwritten Chapter

For almost four whole movies John Wick has proven to be just about unkillable. He’s been shot, dropped, hit with cars, stabbed…and yet with pure grit and determination has gotten back up again and again to make sure his opponents don’t get up and come at him again. That is until he finally met a fatal blow after winning his freedom from the High Table. Even death can’t stop the franchise machine and a John Wick 5 will join The Continental and The Ballerina in the John Wick saga. While we don’t know what John Wick will entail…The Impossible Task perhaps…we can speculate on the John Wick 5 would could have gotten if Wick had killed Caine and survived the duel at the end of John Wick 4. What could happen, and how could Winston screw it up a little with his self interest? Glad you asked…



0:00 – Intro
0:18 – What Was
1:26 – What Might Be
2:35 – What If…?

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