Inside Donald Trump’s American Castle Mar-a-Lago

Inside Donald Trump's American Castle Mar-a-Lago

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Donald Trump has many expensive homes and New York penthouses, but the most famous of his properties is Mar-a-Lago, the exclusive waterfront private club in Palm Beach, Florida. Estimated to be worth as much as $300 million, Trump bought the resort for an amazing deal after its original owner, Marjorie Merriweather Post, gave it to the government. With tons of gold accents and rooms built to resemble European palaces, the mansion and its sprawling estate are filled with expensive antiques and furniture, like a 1927 Steinway baby grand piano worth as much as $150,000. Trump has also made many extravagant renovations to the property, including a $7 million grand ballroom with gold leaf decorations, which is where he married Melania Trump.

Of course a club this exclusive charges huge fees for membership. We’re talking a $200,000 initiation fee plus yearly dues of $14,000. But this price gives guests access to all the property’s many amenities, including spas, a beach club, and tennis courts. The Secret Service has also been charged up to $650 a night when they stay there, and these costs are expected to go up after some Secret Service agents move into the mansion once Trump leaves office. Mar-a-Lago also has a lot of secrets, like a library full of rare, first editions books. Here’s a look at the property which cost more than $120 million to build, and the renovations Donald Trump has added to the club to make it fit for a king.

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