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Imo Professionals, Businessmen Reach Consensus for Gov. Uzodimma’s Re-election


Imo Professionals, Businessmen Reach Consensus for Gov. Uzodimma’s Re-election

Professional and business bodies in Imo State have thrown their weight behind the re-election bid of Governor Hope Uzodimma, stating that his re-election is the only way to guarantee peace, stability, Federal Government support, sustained human capital and infrastructural development in the State.

The highly influential groups under the aegis of Forum of Professionals and Businessmen in Imo State (FPBI) comprising of professionals, businessmen, manufacturers and employers of labour with network of membership across the State.

FPI Lead Coordinator, Barr Emeka Mgbudem in a statement at the end of the expanded consultative meeting of the Forum in Owerri, Imo State Capital on Sunday, October 15, 2023 confirmed that the body has reached an “irreversible consensus” in support of Governor Uzodimma’s and urged other candidates to set aside their ego and support him to move the State to the next level.

He said an exhaustive and unbiassed examination of the credentials of all the candidates in the November 11, 2023 governorship election in Imo State indicates that Governor Uzodimma is best positioned, with his level of experience, public affability and political connection to strategically engage at the state, national and international platforms to stabilize and further develop in Imo State.

He explained that the irreversible consensus is a “non-partisan decision that cuts across sectional, religious, professional and political party affiliation lines” adding that the forum has already activated mobilization templates that will pull massive votes for Governor Uzodimma across all the 305 wards in the State.

According to the Forum “after an exhaustive review, the body of professionals, businessmen, manufacturers and employers of labour in Imo State has come to an informed conclusion that among the candidates for the November 11, 2023 governorship election, Governor Uzodimma is best positioned, as the leading mainstream political figure from the south east with strong federal connections to strategically engage and access Federal Government benefits to Imo State and the entire south east region.

“Our analysis further revealed that Governor Uzodimma is the candidate that has a firm grip of the intricacies of power and that he is the rallying personality for the people of Imo State and the South East region in the quest for peace, political stability, infrastructural and economic development across all critical sectors” the statement said.

The Forum further stated that its review indicated that Governor Uzodimma is the candidate with the desired public affability, friendliness, accessibility, humaneness and mass appeal which cuts across the various population segments in the State to achieve sustainable peace, unity and development in the State.

On security, the Forum stated that its findings reveal that the security challenges in the Imo State are “engineered, fueled and sustained by certain unpatriotic political interests whose intent and desire is to destabilize the State so as to draw political capital for their selfish gains”.

Urging the politicians fueling insecurity in the State to retrace their steps, the Forum noted that “but for the humane and mature disposition of Governor Uzodimma in deft handling of security intervention, the situation would have been worse in the State.

It said that if such individuals truly mean well for the State, they could have channeled the “hundreds of millions of naira being used to fuel crisis, incite people and fund media campaign against Governor Uzodimma to better development programs.

The group further commended the Imo State Governor for initiating and hosting the recent South East Economy and Security Summit noting that the dividends of that summit have already started manifesting in the region.

The Forum also applauded Governor Uzodimma for his massive human capital, citizen empowerment and infrastructural development in critical sectors, across the State, including road infrastructure, agriculture, housing, urban and rural development, electricity, healthcare among others despite the prevailing security challenges in the State.

The body insisted that the only way to guarantee sustained stability, peace and economic development is by re-electing Governor Uzodimma to consolidate on the gains in the general interest of the State.

It therefore urged other candidates to show patriotism by either stepping aside for Governors Uzodimma or focusing on issues instead of resorting to unproductive, divisive and inciting tendencies which are inimical to the progress of the State.

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