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I spend minimum of N20M on my hair monthly – KieKie brags, shares more personal details [VIDEO]


I spend minimum of N20M on my hair monthly – KieKie brags, shares more personal details [VIDEO]

Kiekie has had netizens in stitches, following a video where the skit maker was being interviewed.

The mother of one made many ridiculous claims, but generally emphasized that she and her husband are stinking wealthy.

Kiekie also made different claims from the cost of her hair, jewelry, bag, shades and so on. She started by claiming to be 16 years old and followed with other ‘lies’.

Nigerian influencer cum skit maker, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori has shared some rather delicate details about her personal life during a recent interview.

Opening up about her lifestyle and what it’s worth monetarily, Kiekie had many of her followers in stitches while speaking with video creator, Egungun.

The mother of one raised eyebrows during the interview when she revealed that she spends over N20M on her hair each month, and that was only the beginning.

Before moving to Ikoyi, which is located on Lagos Island in Nigeria, Kiekie claimed to have lived in France for a number of years.

According to her statement during the interview, she currently possesses approximately seven high-end vehicles, including a multi-millionaire Mercedes 2024 RX350.

Kiekie also opened up on her newly acquired backside, stressing that she spent a total of N21M on the new body and had to invite doctors from India and the USA to perform surgery on her in South Africa.

According to her, the cost of her left hip was N8 million, her right hip N3 million, and her huge backside N1Omillion.

Kiekie mentioned that her cheapest wig is N3.5M, her hair costs $12K for her shade, and her luxurious D&C bag costs $16,000. Kiekie continued to boast, saying that her partner owns a private plane and that she doesn’t like men who can’t indulge their babe.

She said in closing that it had cost her husband $150K to park his private plane. Kiekie declined to disclose the amount of her husband’s monthly salary.

See video and reactions below;

kamo_state: Aunty Yiiii Lasan 😂.

ola___oluwa: You go no say normal normal kie kie no well .

labisi_f: Why was i expecting her to shout when he said can you make a shout out to your fans😹.

confidence__dave: If you come across this post, May you have every reason to smile at the end of the day.

a4dabledesigns: Rede rede will really like to see the behind the scenes cos no way will both of you have kept a straight face with all these rubbish @kie_kie__ is saying. Hipsy ko lipsy ni only with all the limited edition perfume, bag and 2024 Mercedes parked outside. carter????? As in I’m tired.

chinwe_loveth: She’s trying to tell all they people that always lie in Egungu’s interview that their own lies still dey learn work .

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