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How Post Malone’s Sunflower Became One Of The Most Profitable Songs


How Post Malone’s Sunflower Became One Of The Most Profitable Songs

How did Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse help Post Malone and Swae Lee’s careers? In 2018 Post Malone and Swae Lee had their song Sunflower featured in Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse. The song was then officially released in 2019 and within a short amount of time, the song had not only landed at the top of the Billboard charts but also broke the all-time record for the most weeks spent on Billboard’s Streaming Songs. Swae Lee shared that ‘Sunflower’ was one of his favorite collaborations in 2018 saying, "because it’s a movie placement. The main character sings “Sunflower” and uses my vocals to calm him down in a certain situation—like my music was therapeutic for him." Spider-Verse turned it into an anthem that encapsulated multiple kinds of relationships for the main character Miles Morales. The song-turned-movie track perfectly encapsulates not only Miles’ struggles with his identity but his struggles with his relationship with his father, and uncle, as well as his feelings for his classmate Gwen Stacy. Though the song became a huge hit and treasured in the movie, it wasn’t always the first choice. The original song chosen for the film was Donald Glover’s song ‘Redbone. Unfortunately, the movie Get Out used the song to introduce their lead character, taking it out of the running. The Directors then found Sunflower and it became the perfect song for the job.


00:00 Intro
00:08 Origin story
00:44 Awards
01:02 Collaboration
01:29 What the song is about
02:14 How the song came to be
02:35 When it’s used in Spider-Man
03:05 Director wasn’t initially sold on the song
04:02 Outro

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