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Extraction 2: BEST & WORST Moments

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Extraction 2: BEST & WORST Moments

It’s Extraction 2 baby! Chris Hemsworth – The Mighty Thor himself – returns as a character who is neither the Odinson nor the God of Thunder, but a secret third hero, Tyler Rake. The Russo Brothers are also involved. In a year that’s given us John Wick Chapter 4, can this Netflix sequel stand tall in the action thriller stakes? It’s certainly got some one-take goodness to show off. Here are 10 moments, details and questions from the movie, some we loved, some we didn’t…



0:00 – Intro
0:20 – The Big Oner
1:13 – Handwaving Survival
1:45 – We’re Gonna Need A Montage
2:20 – Where’s Ovi
3:05 – A Hilarious Cameo
3:28 – Why Did Zurab Survive
4:00 – It’s Just A Little Crush
4:27 – An Emotional Reunion
4:55 – How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sandro
5:15 – Burning Man

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Written by: S Mohamed, Padraig Cotter
Narrated by: Harrison Beeson
Edited by: Gul DuKat

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