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Expect the Unexpected: 10 ‘Joker 2’ Surprises We’re Betting On

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Expect the Unexpected: 10 ‘Joker 2’ Surprises We’re Betting On

While we were not so patiently waiting for Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix to team once again for the Joker 2: Folie à Deux, we thought we would come up with ten bold predictions for the DC movie and what we could totally see happen in this sequel. From the introduction of a new Joker to the rise of the Caped Crusader Batman and from a potential new villain waiting in the wings to Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn being a figment of Arthur Fleck’s imagination, these are 10 big predictions for Joker 2 that we are going for!



0:00 – Intro
0:08 – A Second Joker
0:54 -The Bat Rises
1:34 – Harley Isn’t Real
1:59 – Arthur Has a Son
2:52 – Two Face
3:02 – Commissioner Gordon
3:17 – Cuckoo’s Nest
3:49 – New Origin Story
4:13 – JP Breaks a Record
4:42 – TP Breaks a Record

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Written by: Kai Young, Aiden M
Narrated by: Harrison Beeson
Edited by: Gul Dukat

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