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Cillian Murphy Answers 12 Questions About Oppenheimer | GQ


Cillian Murphy Answers 12 Questions About Oppenheimer | GQ

‘Oppenheimer’ star Cillian Murphy answers twelve questions about the Christopher Nolan Oscar-nominated film for his March GQ cover. How did he feel about J. Robert Oppenheimer before and after stepping into his role? What was it like filming in Oppenheimer’s actual Los Alamos home? How has his relationship with Christopher Nolan evolved since Batman, Inception and Dunkirk?

Director: Kristen DeVore
Director of Photography: AJ Young
Editor: Robby Massey
Guest: Cillian Murphy
Producer: Sam Dennis
Line Producer: Jen Santos
Production Manager: Andressa Pelachi
Production Equipment Manager: Kevin Balash
Talent Booker: Dana Mathews
Camera Operator: Osiris Larkin
Sound Mixer: Kari Barber
Production Assistant: Liza Antonova; Brock Spitaels
Post Production Supervisor: Rachael Knight
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Rob Lombardi
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

00:00 Cillian Answers Oppenheimer Questions
00:21 1. Bruce Wayne Material
01:10 2. Favorite Wardrobe Piece
01:33 3. Before and After
02:44 4. Almonds Only
03:16 5. Oppenheimer House
04:26 6. Christopher Nolan
06:26 7. Blockbuster Shot Like a Small Film
07:36 8. Most Difficult Scene
09:02 9. Source Material
10:19 10. Practical Effects vs. CGI
11:31 11. Last Day of Filming
12:30 12. Favorite Historical Period

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