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Buhari: Why I ‘slapped’ my chair when leaving Aso Rock


Buhari: Why I ‘slapped’ my chair when leaving Aso Rock

In the first interview he has granted after his exit from office, former President Muhammadu Buhari spoke on several issues.

The interview, by the Nigeria Television Authority, touched on cabals taking over his government and other issues.

Among the other issues were his state of health while in office, what he misses outside of office and why he “slapped” his chair when he was leaving the Presidential Villa in Abuja on May 29, 2023.

Buhari said he has not missed anything in his eight years in the Presidency.
He said to the question on what he has missed in Aso Rock: “Miss?

“I don’t think I miss much.”

On the nature of his illness when he was president, Buhari said: “I think only my daughter can honestly answer this question.”

On why he “slapped” the chair he used in Aso Rock on his final day there, Buhari said it was his way of saying goodbye.

The interview will be aired at 10:30pm on Monday (today).

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