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BREAKING: Bombing Many People Kaduna Was Not A Mistake – Shehu Sani Reveals


BREAKING: Bombing Many People Kaduna Was Not A Mistake – Shehu Sani Reveals

BREAKING: Bombing Many People Kaduna Was Not A Mistake - Shehu Sani Reveals

A former Senator who once represented Kaduna Central has strongly criticized the recent bombing incident in Tudun Biri village of Igabi Local Government Area, Kaduna State, where a crowd was celebrating Maulud.

The Nigerian Army, which conducted the airstrikes, claimed the shelling was accidental and targeted at bandits, resulting in over 90 deaths and numerous injuries.

During an interview on Trust TV’s Daily Politics, the human rights activist expressed his view on the incident, stating, “It’s important that the public understands the context and concept of what is happening in Kaduna as far as security issues are concerned.” He described the tragedy as a grave act of negligence that the government must take seriously.

The former legislator emphasized the history of banditry and terrorist attacks in the region, particularly in Southern Kaduna, Birnin Gwari, Igabi (where the incident occurred), and Giwa local governments. He quoted, “In all of these attacks, there has never been an incident where these terrorists were arrested and killed, or, in any way, neutralized.”

Regarding the bombing in Tudun Biri, he asserted, “This bombing at Tudun Biri could be said to be a serious negligence.” He criticized the contradictory statements from the army, saying, “First, they said it was a mistake. And secondly, they were justifying it with the fact that there were bandits or terrorists they were pursuing and so they carried the attacks there.”

The former Senator argued that there is no law permitting the pursuit of bandits into civilian areas. He added, “So, as far as I’m concerned, going by the history of this kind of things, if they were cautious, this wouldn’t have happened. If they worked with intelligence, this wouldn’t have happened.”

He further stated, “Now it’s left for the government at both federal and state levels to take action to prevent further occurrence.” He emphasized the need for an apology, stating, “But we have a history of this thing happening. And the reasons they have been giving are more like justifications. So there’s no way this was a mistake.”

Commenting on the recurrent bandit and terrorist attacks across the country, the former legislator argued, “Repetitive killing of civilians was not different from banditry.” He questioned the effectiveness of the security forces, quoting, “With all the trillions of naira we have spent on defence and security in the last eight years, these top-ranking terrorists are still roaming freely.”

He pointed out the inconsistency in tackling terrorists on motorcycles, quoting, “So if you don’t launch attacks on terrorists on motorcycles, who are you going to kill?” He expressed frustration with the military’s actions, noting, “But the military is killing innocent civilians. So how are they different from the bandits?”

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