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Billie Eilish Wouldn’t Have A Career If She Hadn’t Stolen Her Brother’s Band’s Song


Billie Eilish Wouldn’t Have A Career If She Hadn’t Stolen Her Brother’s Band’s Song

When it comes to Billie, many would say she has always been destined for fame with her angelic voice. But then again so was her Brother Finneas because he’s always been off the charts talented as well. However, their skyrocket to fame wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t stolen her brother’s song. And what is this song? It’s none other than Ocean Eyes.
Finneas had initially written the song for his band, but when Billie heard the song the pair realized that even though it wasn’t written for her it was meant for her. I think we can all agree to that! The pair then recorded the song with Billie’s twist and released it in 2016 to listeners. The song took off better than either of them could have imagined, landing them the 84th spot on the US Hot 100, launching both of them to fame when Billie was just 15 years old.
Since then, to say Billie has become a megastar would be an understatement. One of her more recent songs lovely with Khalid, has over 1.8 billion views on youtube alone! She’s also been on SNL, played concerts all over the world, and has also become the youngest recording artist to will all four general field categories at the Grammies. Let us know if you think stealing her brother’s song was worth it in the comments, and for more videos on all your fave celebs give this video a thumbs up and follow us at TheThings Celebrity.


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Edited by: Carolina Jimenez

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