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Bill Paxton on Fearing Titanic Submersible Dives (Flashback)


Bill Paxton on Fearing Titanic Submersible Dives (Flashback)

Bill Paxton opens up to ET about his fears ahead of submersible dives to Titanic’s wreckage for ‘Ghosts of the Abyss.’ The late actor admits to ET in this 2003 interview that he had doubts about the underwater expeditions, but James Cameron convinced him to be part of the documentary. Paxton shares his first reaction to seeing the infamous ocean liner, which sunk to the sea floor after it was struck by an iceberg in 1912 while on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Over 100 years later, Cameron has been a prominent voice in the wake of the Titan submersible tragedy, offering his expert opinion on what could have gone wrong in OceanGate’s ‘catastrophic implosion.’ In Paxton’s 2003 interview, he recalls thinking that if something did go wrong on the vessel, he figured ‘it’s going to happen so quickly that you’re not even gonna know it happened, probably.’

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