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8 Cricket Scandals That Shook the Game


8 Cricket Scandals That Shook the Game

You might assume cricket is the most genteel and tame of sports. And in many ways, it lives up to the standard of being a true gentleman’s game. But professional sports have a way of eventually unearthing scandals. Even the more ‘proper’ ones. As such, the sport of cricket has had its fair share of dark days and scandals. In this video, we’re taking a look at some of the top scandals in cricket history. And these aren’t simply on-field fights. Two of the stories in the video involve potential murders, and another involves a flat out terrorist attack that left 8 people dead. Other scandals in the cricket world involve people match fixing, as well as spot fixing, which is when a player fixes a certain element of the match that can potentially be bet on, without fixing the final result. There are also incidents of drug use, both of the recreational variety, and the performance enhancing variety. There are sordid tales of sexual escapades, trash talking about other players’ wives, and much more. And of course, because it’s cricket, there’s a classic scandal that involves a band handed slap to the face. If nothing else, cricket certainly has a huge variety of dark days and scandals throughout its history. We explore what happened in each, who was involved, and what the long term repercussions were for all of them. That includes some length bands from the sport, some full out lifetime bans, and even some prison time. It’s a wild ride for one of the world’s most popular sports. So check out this video, as we take you through the darkest scandals in the history of international cricket!


Written by: Tim Blane
Edited by: Federico Rossi

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Bob Woolmer’s Possible Murder
01:24 Terror in Pakistan
02:53 2000 Match-Fixing Scandal
04:36 Herschelle Gibbs’ Memoir
05:58 Indian Spot Fixing
07:10 Pakistani Spot Fixing
07:54 Leave The Wives Out
08:44 Shane Warne’s Drug Ban
09:40 Outro

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