15 Similarities Between Kim K And Pete’s Exes

Has anyone else noticed that Kim Kardashian has a lot in common with Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriends!? Besides all being beautiful and successful, that is!

With things heating up between the KKW Beauty creator and SNL’s Pete Davidson, the similarities between the reality star and the comedian’s exes are coming to light. The obvious similarity between Kim and all of Pete’s ex-girlfriends is well, they’re all famous! Aside from their many talents and successes, fans also noticed that many of Pete’s love interests had been brunettes! It can’t go unsaid that besides their style and beauty, all of Pete’s exes just so happen to be incredibly successful in their chosen careers.

We all know that Pete Davidson has a type – beautiful and successful women! But now we see that Kim has a LOT more in common with her new guy’s exes than we realized.

Did you notice any of these similarities? Let us know what else you’ve picked up on between Kim and Pete, and tell us in the comments. Remember to subscribe to TheThings Celebrity for more stories about your favorite stars.

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0:00 INTRO
0:13 Rebound Exes
0:56 Celebrity
1:28 Dark Haired Beauties
2:01 Met On Set
2:45 Age Gaps
3:26 Shorter Than Him
3:56 Famous Families
4:27 Style Icons
5:04 Successful & Rich
5:41 Home Bodies
6:10 Taking it Fast
6:34 Keep it Friendly
7:00 Media Attention
7:33 Model Fever
8:03 Staying Close
8:52 END

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