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#alhajimusa#alhajimusa#alhajimusa#alhajimusa “The monkey who tries to see the hunter clearly collects bullets in its eyes” – Congolese Proverb Please, somebody should help advise Alhaji Musa on how best to avoid falling into temptation Angry bae: @drealeveTwin temptation: @peace_olayemi@teddyjasmine1Directed by: @ezugwuchukwudi#alhajimusa#alhajimusa#alhajimusa#alhajimusa Please follow and like us:

Video: Skales – Ego

Basline Music finally unlocks the official music video for “Ego” by the never say never guy, Skales. Skales is once again proving himself to be a true connoisseur of dance music, especially as it concerns the females as he dishes out his latest… Continue Reading