#OffKey Video: Kendrick Lamar feat. Rihanna – ‘LOYALTY.’

Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna turn into a modern day Bonnie and Clyde in the highly-anticipated video for “LOYALTY.,” the latest single off the double platinum DAMN.

Directed by Dave Meyers and the little homies (Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar), “LOYALTY.” features a series of symbolic images, pieced together to tell a thrilling story of romance, trust, and love.

The clip begins with a blindfolded K-Dot, who’s surrounded by gorgeous women in a red room. Before a woman stabs him, the clip transitions to downtown L.A. where Kendrick sees many of his friends sinking into the concrete while sharks swim beneath the surface.

Soon, Rihanna appears to run a scam with K-Dot by her side. Approaching a man in a fancy ride, RiRi manages to get him outside and then Kung Fu Kenny proves that his fight training has paid off. K-Dot and RiRi steal the whip and eventually wreck it in a surprising accident. The couple, who also later sinks into the cement, simply laugh it off.

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